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My very own Game Engine in Java!

A demo of a game that is in progress that is being created using a game engine I created from scratch on Java 1.8 using LWJGL to utilise the GPU. It started as a process of truly understanding what’s going on behind the scenes and it inspired me to create a solid game out of it. It is a work in progress however a reasonable amount of features is already implemented such that it can support almost any type of Top-Down 2D game.


Endless Side Scroller with full development log since week 1!

A mobile game developed in Unity. It has the genre of Endless side-scroller, but with a twist, as opposed to other games, there are enemies involved, guns, power ups, different areas. The game still is in early alpha but you can see the development process since week 1 in a light-weight development log with a video accompanying every post.


University coursework gone wild!

This initially started as one of the course-works of my University for the first year of studies, which was about creating a text based game with a GUI that would work over a network. I have really enjoyed the process of developing this game to the point where I went ahead and over the specification and created a bot that would be capable of solving the game without “cheating”, by memorising everything it saw in a memory of dynamic size and following a sequence of decisions that would lead to its next move.


First prize in Logipaignion competition

Even though this is a slightly older project of mine, created for the “Logipaignion” competition back in 2013, it is a showcase of a completed and polished game – in fact 3 games; One tower defense, one labyrinth and one where you draw the path from which the ball bounces to reach the goals. Some things are easier seen than explained. This game was created in Game Maker 8 lite before I received any education in programming, I was self taught until then.


But wait there's more!

You can see more of my projects in my portfolio page! There’s more to my work than this slider.