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Vasilis Nicolaou Portfolio

Born in 1996 from Cyprus, currently a computer science student in the University of Bath. I am passionate about games and game development.

Pursuing my dream



I am committed to game development and I have tried myself on multiple different disciplines around that. I got involved with game development from the age of 10 when I developed curiosity around how the games I keep playing are developed. I quickly found myself using “Games Factory” creating my first games.

Following my interest I started got into Game Maker 7 and after mastering the simple GUI-based engine, I dove into the engine’s language, GML, and taught myself programming with it. When I got some experience and confidence, in 2013, I applied in a national Game Programming Competition organised by the Technological University of Cyprus (TE.PA.K.) called Logipaignion in which won the first prize.

Growing more excited and experienced, I picked my GCSEs and A-Levels accordingly, which led me to a First Class degree BSc(Hons) Computer Science from the University of Bath.

Throughout the years I continued the self-taught journey during which I created a game-engine in Java, a couple of games in Unity C#, learned how to program in C++, different aspects of AI and Software Engineering.

After acquiring a lot of technical knowledge I learned to value non-techinical skills such as communication, creativity and time-management equally, seeing how vital they are for the delivery of a project. Therefore, I proceeded to do an MSc in Innovation and Technology Management, to enhance my leadership, teamwork and management skills.