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Logipaignion Competition First Prize

Followed by a couple of years of being self taught in programming and game development, I applied to the national game programming competition for high schools organized by the Technological University of Cyprus (TEPAK). After a very intense year of fitting together school work with game development I managed to win the first prize in 2013 with this submission.
Game Maker 8 Logo

Logipaignion competition is a game programming competition organized by the Technological University of Cyprus for middle schools and high schools. I have applied to the high school competition, where you could develop using either Game Maker 8 Lite or XNA studio. I was the first ever to date applicant representing a private school as opposed to the others representing a public school. I have selected Game Maker 8 as my platform as I had some previous experience on Game Maker 7 because I learnt coding and game development on it.

Every year there is a theme that the games need to follow. In the year I applied in the theme was History and Culture of Cyprus and it had to fit an educational purpose. I have researched areas of history which could have used and ended up on three ideas. All the text and instructions had to be in Greek so I am sorry in advance for the inconvenience.

  1. Cyprus have been invaded tens of times during history as a result of it’s geographical position and resources. I have omitted recent history (last 300 years) to avoid political issues. I have created a map with areas my island has been invaded and on each battlefield a added a level. The sequence also is historically accurate to fit the educational purpose. Before each level an animated sculpture of important entity of the period explains a bit about the background. Animations created using Crazy Talk and converted to gif. The game would take the shape of tower defense where you would defend each area. The enemies would be themed around the typical units the invading army would have at the time and the type of button.
  2. Another potential idea was the famous ship of Kyrenia which was a famous trading post at the time. It has sunk in the area while it was returning from a trade. In the game you would be the mythological god of wind, Aeolus and you would try to navigate the ship through a labyrinth by blowing wind to the ship from the appropriate direction.
  3. Last but not least, we had our own alphabet, and I translated the name of the game “Χρονικά της Κύπρου” (Chronicles of Cyprus) to the letters that would read that very title, and you would have to collect each letter.

I ended up implementing all four ideas as I decided that you cannot hold on one part of history and culture and ignore others.

Logipaignion 2013 logo

This is the first game I implemented, the tower defense. Each level is positioned on the map correctly according to where the actual battle took place. Even though the battle itself would not look like the tower defense mode, the units are accurate according to what they look and depending on how the war happened units came accordingly, sea units, land units etc. Before each level a brief description of the background of the battle or different facts about the period are explained by an important figure or sculpture. The animation is done by using Crazy Talk. As Game Maker 8 Lite could not import videos, I converted it into much lower quality gif and played the sound over it. The currency is a typical item of value in the ancient times.

The name of the game is translated into an ancient Cypriot alphabet and then each character needs to be collected by playing the corresponding level. You can draw and erase area out of which the ball can bounce, with your goal being to hit the letter with the ball. I wanted to encourage thinking out of the box as a developer.

The player is rewarded with more score for using up less ink and for playing in a harder difficulty. In higher difficulties you have less max ink to start with.

The trading ship of Kyrenia has sunk somewhere while returning from a trade. By controlling the god of wind, you have to direct the wind to push the ship through the labyrinth to the dock safely. Another unique mechanic is implemented where instead of controlling the object of interest, you control a character which can affect it.

Demo exe file of the game. The game is entirely in Greek so I apologize for inconvenience of use in advance. Cheat sheet: In the first menu the three buttons link to the three games, and in the following menu the left button is start and right button is load. The pop up menus ask about difficulty, Easy Medium Hard accordingly.